Nightlife in Manchesters Northern Quarter

The Northern Quarter of Manchester City is rapidly gaining popularity as one of the city’s bustling nightlife venues. With endless choices of activities for revellers, you can be sure you are in for an adventure.

The Northern Quarter (NQ) is a product of the 1990s regenerations and inventions. It came into being after a number of interested people got together, designed its boundaries and branded this area between Piccadilly and Ancoats. The famous Oldham Street is at the area’s heartbeat.

Today, this area boasts as one of the places with a numerous numbers of cafes, bars and shopping centres in the world. Its music industry is also known to deliver. This comes as a diverse package ensuring you get your own taste whenever you feel like it.

Revitalized Evenings

Drinks, music, dance, food, art and many others are a great combination for an ideal after dark escapade. The case is not any different in this area of Manchester city. With the area offering these in plenty, after dark moments haven’t been the same. This area is keen on ensuring your evening out is a great experience. The Northern Quarter is the right place to experience Manchester’s astonishing nightlife.

The Bars

This area is home to classic bars, the perfect hangout for an evening. It’s been a long day and you probably feel the need to unwind. A few bottles of good liquor, spreading your tired self in a comfortable couch could be exactly what you need. The area has seen the establishment of a huge number of privately owned joints offering a wide variety of drinks. They also offer locally brewed drinks, spirits and food in addition to the imported varieties.

The bars and clubs here come in handy in spicing up the NQ at night. Visit any of these hangouts on a random night and you are most likely to bump into a bunch of young men out on a stag weekend.

These hangouts are also well known for cocktail parties and evenings. This clubs have friendly staff that see to it that you have had a great night drinking yourself silly, but comfortably.

Beer Competitions

These are mainly focusing on the drink. Just how good are you at sinking bottles of these barley combinations? How many bottles or cans can you gulp down and in how long? This night event is also decorated with dishes and music sessions from the most hype deejays Manchester has seen. Whether attending as an audience or a participant, this event is just fantastic to say the least.

The Hotels

There are a number of luxurious hotels such as the Mint Lounge available for booking. These offer great accommodation, be it for a single evening or for the entire weekend. This is a great necessity for those touring the Manchester city as they can rave and have their drinks without worry. The facilities provide an online platform where you can make arrangements long before travelling to this lovely area. There is a huge number of hotels that cater for groups of girls looking for the best deals on accommodation. Here is a Guide for groups to help you make your choice a bit easier


This is another characteristic of a night in the NQ. There are different popular music venues and entertainment spots such as the Frog & Bucket Comedy Club among many others. A good number of popular restaurants also host music nights. They host live bands such as jazz and others. This makes sure you enjoy cutting edge music sessions while sipping down on your favorite cocktail.

Fashion and Design

The Northern Quarter is also a hub of creative design. There are a number of well-established designers with an independent fashion sense. They have largely occupied the streets of the Quarter, making it booming for business. If your wallet size allows you, you could shop till you drop in these stores that offer an array of designer costumes and fabrics. Most of these shops are a considerable stop over even after dusk due to the continued night activities and events overtaking the previously dull atmosphere.

The dark hours in this area are such a major concern that a number of local magazines and local sites have gone a step further into posting a comprehensive guide on Whats on in the Northern Quarter. These are finer details in the Guide to the Northern Quarter, and they give you a detailed explanation of the events going down at various hotspots in the neighborhood. They tell you where to find your favorite deejays, stag events, cocktails, music jigs and much more. Here, you choose your finest taste of the event to attend amongst the diverse choices to choose from.


If you are interested in movies and the cinema world, this would most likely be your favourite evening destination. There are a number of well-furbished theatre rooms that host a very large  audience all gathered up to watch the highly sold out films as well as new films. On a random night, there are a hundreds of people in attendance.

Night Exhibitions

A number of exhibitions are held in celebration and appreciation of the diverse the Manchester’s’ cultural developments over time.

With a majority of this area’s population being young people, hot blood flowing down their nerves, the friendly neighborhood and a whole host of facilities in place, Manchester’s Northern Quarter is definitely the most vibrant area of this city.








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